Blitz Bowl: Statues and Tokens

I finally got around to completing all of the necessary terrain features for three Blitz Bowl boards as well as all of my team tokens.

With three Blitz Bowl (BzB) boards, I wanted enough terrain for two boards to have fancy statues celebrating the star players of Blood Bowl. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about using the expensive Forge World models for this project, but having played Blood Bowl for almost three decades…I’ve rarely used Star Players. This project has enabled me to finally make use of some of those models and in a way that will get them on the table _every_ time a game is played. This is actually more bang-for-the-buck then using them as actual star players where there are too many gates for their usage; will I be playing their team, will I earn enough to use them, does the league allow them, etc.

So, here they all are up on plinths with the heraldry for the team they represent.

The above four are for the single trapdoor board with four blocked terrain sections.

These two above are for the board with two trapdoors. This board has larger sections of blocked terrain so we have the perennial face of Blood Bowl, and all-around nice guy, Lord Borak on his own stone, and the other being Morg and Grim locked in a duel for all eternity. You can see these larger base sizes on these two in the image below.

Also, I’ve got a complete set of crates and barrels for teams slumming it on the third board, the Pub Table. I have enough of these for any combination of needed board terrain.

Finally, the tokens for my teams. I had a few philosophies in mind when I approached these. One…they needed to be easy to paint. Two, I want to be able to use them for BB and BzB. Three, though the coin and token/trophy is based on team races, I didn’t want them tied to specific races. My BB and BzB orc teams might not use the same colors. Or a friend with a BB team could be visiting without his tokens painted…these are generic and neutral to serve that need. The following met all my requirements and I’m very pleased how they came out.

Anyone else have any cool BzB ideas they’ve come up with?

11 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Statues and Tokens

  1. Very cool, and I admit I had the same reaction when I saw which models you’d used for what I thought might be trophies for a tournament, and then I read on and your rationale makes a lot of sense. The statues, tokens and the rest all look really effective as well. I may use the aged bronze look on my own models eventually 🙂
    Are the Blitz Bowl expansions worth picking up? I have to import tham from the US if I want them, so unfortunately not a straightforward purchase…

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  2. I would want you to support the game, but to be honest, I don’t know if the value would be there for you on the Blitz Bowl teams. I Ike the full team boxes because you also get the transfers. Two of the expansion teams (chaos and skaven) have team cards in the core box. The other two (halflings and undead) are new to the game, so those two might be the two I would lean towards getting.

    Thanks for the feedback on the statues. I’d like to have elf and dark elf representation too. Maybe I’ll do those with the season 2 boards.


    • Well, I have almost all the full Blood Bowl team boxess as it is, so I’d really only be looking at the Blitz expansion boxes for the rules and components which seems to be …one sprue of extra models plus 3-5 cards? I guess it works for bumping the regular rosters up from 12 as well, but US$20 per box (plus shipping) is a bit expensive, especially when compared to the full BB team boxes. I skipped halflings in regular BB, so I’d be most likely to skip that team out of all of them unless my wife wanted to play them 😀


      • I hear the halfling team Blitz Bowl rules are a little suspect. As in, they may be the top team. I don’t mind if BzB and BB teams aren’t 100% the same, so far as tiers go, but this would be a little thematically jarring to me. If this is true, I might make a special match type out of the halflings, as I’ve done with the goblin team.


        • Yea, the missing decals sucks. I had picked up a few boxes thinking I would supplement my BB teams, but after painting them, realized I was going to have to hunt for extra decals on Ebay.


  3. I think these all turned out really nicely. Given that the new Varag looks a 100 times better than the FW one, I would be really tempted to turn mine into a statue too! Maybe with some added bird poop! 😉

    The tokens turned out pretty awesome. I painted a set of dice awhile back, but in different colors. Gives people a choice, and we might be less likely to grab the wrong token. But they don’t look as cool as yours.

    The crates remind me of the version of Dreadball where they had traps and stuff. If they ever had an update like that for Blitz Bowl, I’d definitely scarf it up!


  4. How did you create your plinths? What materials did you choose, etc. I’m inspired, have some old 2nd Edition BB figures, and some square bases, but have not be into terrain creation before and have no idea where to start.


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