Blitz Bowl: Human and Orc Teams

At this point, I’ve played lots of Blitz Bowl. However, I’ve played very little with the actual humans and orcs. Being the standard default teams in every edition of Blood Bowl, I’ve painted plenty so I’ve sort of drug my feet on getting their BzB versions done. My minis rule is basically ‘Play it Painted’, so these teams have sat in their locker rooms for awhile. Now, they’re ready for the pitch.

For the orc half of the BzB box, I’ve simply gone with my older 3rd edition model, Badland Blitz color scheme with a few slight tweaks for the newer 32mm models, such as less on the shoulder pads.

I was initially thinking I would include etching and chip damage to the black parts of their armour, but I’ve sort of taken to the pure, clean look.

Only having checks down the right forearm gives this version of the Blitz a bit more uniformity than their original colors had.

I’ve painted 2-3 human squads over the years, but nothing I’ve ever been enamored with. With this side I decided to try something a bit more bold and colorful in the old style of the game. It would also be my attempt at using the white contrast paint.

Truthfully, most of the work here was on applying several coats of white over my grey primer so the white contrast could work its devilry. If I expand this team to a larger 16 model BB squad, I would simply prime white.

The inspiration for this team came from all of the avian iconography on the models and their transfer. I goggled about for a bird that would look neat to pattern the team after in that colorful manner I was wanting to try, while still being simple enough for my meager talents. the red-headed woodpecker fit the bill.

So, there’s the base game squads finally done. Now, if I only could think up a name for the humans. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Human and Orc Teams

  1. I love how clean your whites are. The black and white combination on the Orcs is just perfect.

    No suggestions for the names, though if FUMBBL is still going I imagine that it remains a treasure trove of punning teams.

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    • Thanks! I have no delusions about my painting ability so try to make up for my lack of talent there with choice color selection. I know a lot of details aren’t seen when the minis are at arm’s length on the table, so I tend to lean toward less colors so that the models shape and important bits pop out more. I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone else, but it’s what I tell myself about my work.

      I’ll dig around for naming tips. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. Nice colors for your teams, Mr White! I like the Humans based off the Woodpecker colors. Would be a challenge to come up with a good name though. The painting looks good, so don’t knock yourself! I also know what you mean about painting to a certain level. I spent a good chunk of time doing some Necromunda teams, but then noticed the details are hard to see, and no one seemed to care that we weren’t playing with plastic pawn tokens anyways! 🤪


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