Blitz Bowl: The Khorne Team

In early September, I decided I’d take the new Khorne Team to Chaos Cup (a post on that team is forthcoming). While doing that team, I went ahead and worked on a Blitz Bowl (BzB) team at the same team. Spoiler alert…they don’t use the same team colors. The BzB Khorne Team is essentially a separate project. Why’d I go with different colors? And what’s with those red skin tones? Read on…

In an attempt to do something different with Khorne, yet still retain that red and blood motif, I’ve gone with blood colored skin. This option allows me to have that red tie-in to classic Khorne while still having the flexibility to play with other colors on the theme. My previous Khorne project with this get up has written about a few years back:

I continue to go with the generic metal on the tokens because, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, sometimes I’ll paint a team with different colors depending on their use and going generic on the tokens allows me to use one set of painted tokens no matter the team colors I use for a given race’s team. So, why grey and yellows? For the same reason I did my BzB ogres in this color…DungeonBowl integration.

DungeonBowl’s College of Fire pulls players from the Dwarf, Ogre, and Khorne rosters. I’m enjoying DungeonBowl more than I thought I would, so having all the options for my College of Metal team is a fine use of my hobby time. But what about when I use these models for Blitz Bowl? I’m not too concerned about it. For one, I have many, many painted BzB teams so it’s easy to select two teams of different colors. Also, outside of playing with my family, my opponents are going to have their own models in their own team colors. Similar colored teams facing off is an in-house problem only, and to be honest, not really a problem.

I’m hoping to get the coach for this College of Fire done soon, but he hasn’t reported to the front office yet…

10 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: The Khorne Team

    • It’s the yellow contrast over white. I usually prime grey, and seldom use the contrast paints, but when I do use yellow I go over the areas with white first allowing the yellow to pop more.


  1. Nice one! Painting the tokens in a ‘generic’ scheme is a good idea.
    I used to pick up extra reroll tokens for each team, but it’s a bit of a pain to paint them all.


    • It really is. I often forget to paint the tokens, so this week I went through and painted all my unpainted tokens at once in a batch. Going with the generic brass for all of them made it an easy project.

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