Blitz Bowl: Orctober Round Up

This month I took advantage of the Orctober theme to finish painting up any outstanding, unpainted orc, goblin, or troll models. Oddly enough all of my models in this category are part of my Blitz Bowl collection. I have a troll in-flight to the house, so he didn’t make the Orctober cut, but let’s see who got suited up this month…

The Black Orc Blitz Bowl team were the first models I addressed. I’ve had these figures for awhile, getting them with the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition release, but for some reason I drug my feet on applying paint to them. I’m not sure why. They painted up a lot faster than I anticipated.

In previous editions of the BB universe games, I would have painted Black Orcs in dark green skin tones. In fact, that’s how the Big Uns are painted in my BB teams…as they were formally called Black Orcs. With this edition I’ve gone with regular orc green to separate them from the already painted Big Uns.

Doing the verdigris brass for the tokens keeps those from being an annoying project themselves and something I can quickly do while my wash layer tries on the player models. Long time readers of the blog (both of you!) may notice that these Black Orcs look similar to my Orc BzB and BB teams.

The plan is to combine them into a College of Metal team for Dungeon Bowl. I’ve been really surprised by DB, so have looked for little ways to combine effort and make DB teams when possible. I have a lot of BzB teams painted in a wide array of team colors. Having a handful in similar colors to another team, so they can tag up in a DB team, is no issue. Besides, most of the people I play BxB bring their own team anyway, so it’s not too likely my Black Orcs will face my Orcs on the BzB pitch.

I also addressed the Blitz Bowl Goblin Team, but they’re waiting on that Troll to arrive so more on them to come later…

And these three goblins rounded out the last of my greenskins to paint for Orctober. The Forge World referee model and two more goblin players, but this time not in the browns of the BzB team above, but in black and dark blues.

The goblin referee joins the other two, so I can field three matches with referees. I haven’t 100% landed on their rules in BzB yet, but it’s most likely going to be tied to the new fouling action and an updated variant on the classic “I’ve Got My Eye On You” rule from early 2000s BB.

The two spare goblins I had in the box…they will tag up with my already painted BzB Dark Elf team as the beginnings of a DB College of Shadow team.

So, all of my greenskin models are painted. That lone Troll is all that’s left and this horde will be done. I really enjoy painting orc and goblin models and with my Orc team already done I won’t have any models to do. Perhaps I can look for the occasional goblin Star Player to add. Or, heaven forbid, I go in on Goblin or Snotling BB teams…

12 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Orctober Round Up

    • Yes, the College of Metal teams pull a lot from the Orc and Black Orc rosters. My Big Uns in dark green will separate them from the Black Orcs in a lighter shade as they’re both ST 4 players.

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      • Ah, I didn’t know that! I haven’t painted the Black Orc team yet, but part of me was thinking to just paint two more Big Uns and then I could use them for either team. But looks like that wouldn’t work if I ever ended up playing Dungeon Bowl. I really should just paint up the Black Orcs anyways as they are better looking models than the Big Uns.


    • Thanks! I tend to go from light to dark on my greenskins based on the characters strength. if I had snotlings, I’d try to find a lighter green.


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