Under the Brush: Chaos Renegades update

IMG_3974 copy

I’ve been working on painting up my Chaos Renegades team off and on over the past couple of months and I’m slowly reaching the finish line. For the color choice I wanted some Tzeentch-y as he’s my favorite of the chaos gods (although I was really tempted by the 5th god Malaal but figured the reference was too obscure). I wanted to avoid yellow and blue as I didn’t want the team to look like the Reikland Reavers color scheme, but I did end up going with a pale gold, blue and turquoise look. I hope the Changer of Ways approves.

It took me a couple of attempts to get the color scheme down, my first attempt was #8, I tried to do a purple with blue but quickly abandoned due to the purple and blue being completely indistinguishable. Marauder #8 might get stripped down and repainted at some point … well if I’m being realistic he probably won’t, he’ll probably just get renumbered and serve as a journeyman player when I’ve got guys out injured.

IMG_3975 copyIMG_3976 copyIMG_3977 copyIMG_3978 copyIMG_3979 copyIMG_3980 copyIMG_3981 copyIMG_3982 copy


My apologies for the skaven picture, I accidentally bumped my camera and the battery was running low so I couldn’t retake. Here’s a clearer pic of him instead on the night I finished him up.

So what’s next? My troll is primed and ready for when I find the time to start painting him up. My ogre is waiting for my magnets to show up from China. I want to magnetize the ogre’s arm so he can sport a claw if he ever gains a mutation. It will probably never happen, but I think it could look cool. I want to get the Forge World minotaur and one of the new elf union linemen (or women) to convert to be my dark elf player. I also have a goblin with just one head I can paint up, but that’s not a top priority yet. Of course I’m sure I’ve jinxed myself and he’ll die in his next game …

11 thoughts on “Under the Brush: Chaos Renegades update

  1. I thought you were going pink and green like the originals, for some reason. But these turned out truly amazing. That Zenithal priming really works nicely. What brand/color of gold did you use? It looks less yellow and more metallic than the one I’ve been using. The color work on these overall, is just phenomenal. You should enter them into a competition.

    They all look great, but #9 (the first one, just below the pic of 8) is really interesting. There is a bit of a story there. It looks like the left side of his face got burned or scarred by acid. There even seems to be a mark on that side of the chest plate. But his shoulder pad looks to be newer and has extensions that were deliberately made to protect that side of his face. I love when stories like that spring to mind just from looking at a mini.

    Keep it up, really looking forward to seeing the big guys join the team!


    • Thanks for the kind words, I don’t know about winning any painting competitions, I think my photos hide their flaws lol. I did originally talk about doing a pink and teal paint scheme, but then somebody said the original Chaos All-Stars were actually red and green so I kind of got cold on it. Also the pink I have is really faint and wasn’t really working with my zenithal highlights. I read through the Tzeentch Age of Sigmar Battletome and it’s full of some really awesome art that uses a lot of cool tones, blues, purples, teals, etc. I decided then to go on that route.

      My recipe for the gold is a base layer that’s a 50/50 mix of GW’s Leadbelcher and Retributor Armor, then a wash of Agax Earthsahde, then I dry brush with a 50/50 mix of Necron Compound and Griffon Gold. Then sometimes I’ll do another drybrush with just Necron Compound or a wash of Seraphim Sepia if I think it needs to be toned down a little.

      I started painting #9 initially because he was the conversion I liked the least, now though the conversion has grown on me and I wish his paintjob was a little more in line with everyone else. But then, it’s chaos so they can be as renegade as they want to when it comes to uniforms I guess 😀

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  2. Just found this off your blanchiteBB post you’re team looks so cool- i’m currently getting together a Renagade team myself that’s getting peiced together through a league- and you’re colour scheme is so slick. Haven’t found anything i really want to use for my maraders yet but you’ve got me inspired!


    • Thanks! I like the human lineman as a basis for the marauders. That’s what the basic marauder profile is anyways. Plus they have sporty bits on them too look like blood bowl players rather than just weaponless dudes.


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