Under the brush: Chaos renegades troll


I posted this to the Facebook page last week, but I figure I should officially put it on the blog to keep it with all the rest of my Silver Tower Denizens chaos renegades WIP.

Over the New Year’s weekend I slapped some paint on my troll conversion. Here’s the before pics:

And after about 3.5 hours of painting while watching a mixture of DVR’d soccer and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug:

Overall I think he came out pretty well. I was trying to make his belly, chest and lower face lighter and more yellow, but it turned out darker than I would have liked. He’s also not wearing much clothing so I couldn’t find a spot for the dark blue of the team colors. I thought about doing the back loin cloth blue, but felt maybe it would be too disconnected.


6 thoughts on “Under the brush: Chaos renegades troll

  1. Desolation of Smaug…hmmm… I think I like the first Hobbit film the best. In fact, I like it quite a bit. The other two. :/
    Sweet conversion on a cool mini!


    • It was available on demand, so I was watching it. I do enjoy the bit where the dwarves are escaping in the barrels and it’s a three-way battle between the Mirkwood elves, the orcs and the dwarves.


      • Who is up next? Did your elf make it in? Fantastic job BTW, looks amazing! 2019 we need to have a Barrows vs. Denizens exhibition match for the blog.


  2. Yes! I did get the elf you sent me. A guy in my blood bowl league has some dark elf and dark eldar bits, so I’m going to get some stuff from him to make the elf a little more dark elf.

    I also finally got some magnets and drills for my hand drill so on my to-do list is to magnetize the arm of my ogre with a claw option.

    I’ve got the minotaur from Forge World on the way too. I’m not sure which of the three will be painted first. In any case, the weather is far too cold to go outside for priming.


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