The Case for the Perfect Case: Part 2 – Pick and Pluck your Battles


Earlier this year I picked up some hardcover cases with pluck foam from Sam’s Club and did a little review-ish thing. I decided to return the cases to the store, because really they were much too big. I wanted something I could fit inside a backpack along with my rules manuals, dice, etc. Not feel like I was using carry-on luggage every time I went to play some games. In the end I decided to buy the Citadel Skirmish Case, which I’ve liked quite a bit. You can fit a lot of minis in there and it fits in a backpack. However with two Blood Bowl teams (with 4 big guys among them!) and then with my Middle-earth Strategy Battle Games minis, things started to get a bit crowded. I also didn’t feel like hauling around the bulk of my miniatures collection all the time, too many eggs in one basket.

I started researching the Kill Team Case Games Workshop produced when Kill Team was announced. It’s basically the one of the accordion foam trays in the Skirmish Case but in a zippered case. In a Facebook thread about the product, people mentioned they didn’t like how soft the foam exterior was, and one guy mentioned picked up a little case from Harbor Freight for $15. Fast forward a couple months and I’ve picked one up myself.

The case in question is the Apache Weatherproof Protective Case, there’s actually four products in the range, I bought the smallest. And it’s definitely small, smaller than I expected. You can see it stacked on top of the Citadel Skirmish case for a size comparison, it has a much smaller footprint.

The case includes three layers of pluck foam. However there’s no bottom to the layers so you’ll have to use the second middle layer as the floor to the first layer. Don’t worry though, there is a layer of foam on the bottom of the case, so you essentially get two pluck foam trays. It may be possible to glue a bottom to the other layers, but I wonder if then it means they wouldn’t fit. The pluck foam layers in the small case aren’t particularly thick. You can see that even a Blood Bowl goblin is taller than the foam. So is a 32mm base.


The case also features a pressure knob thing to make it weather proof, but if you tighten the screw it digs into the foam, I probably won’t be using it as I don’t want to potentially harm my models, plus I don’t plan on submerging the case in water anyways. I know, best laid plans and all that, but if my bag of minis is ending up in the water I probably have more pressing concerns.


Due to the small size of the case and the thin layers of foam, I was concerned I’d actually be able to fit a full Blood Bowl team inside. I was worried this 2×3 layout for each space wouldn’t be big enough. You can see above the hands of this mini stick out, and so does the base, but making the space wider would mean not being able to fit more minis. I went ahead and soldiered on with the 2×3 holes, even making some 2×4 (because there was an extra row of pluck foam) for some of the taller minis. Fitting 9 minis in one tray meant I was able to make bigger spaces for the big guys.

I could probably give the troll some more room for his hands and there’s even an extra space for a 16th member for my team. I had never planned on a full 16-player roster, but since I’ve got the space I may end up doing so at some point.

The final verdict, I think for $15 this case is a great deal. It’s great for Blood Bowl teams and other skirmish games like Necromunda, Kill Team, Dracula’s America or you could fit a couple Warhammer Underworlds warbands in there. I’ll be very inclined to pick more of these up so my teams/warbands can have a dedicated case that’s affordable, takes up little space and is easy transportable.

3 thoughts on “The Case for the Perfect Case: Part 2 – Pick and Pluck your Battles

  1. Wow, nice find! What are the dimensions of the new case? It sounds like you tote your minis around much more than I, so I’m curious how you feel about magnetic storage. Are you worried that the minis would still jostle around too much? Magnetic storage is the route I’m moving towards, as less foam means smaller storage footprint overall.


    • The website says the interior dimensions are 8-3/8 in. x 5-11/16 in. x 3-1/4 in. Not sure what the exterior dimensions.
      I almost always play games at a store or somebody else’s house, so I guess I do move around with them quite a bit. I’ve heard people recommend magnetic storage options, but I dunno, seems like a bit of work gluing magnets on the bottom of all your miniatures. Also the cases designed for them seem pretty expensive nor have I see a do-it-yourself set up I’ve been interested in trying.

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      • Thanks Casey! I’m thinking of doing the reverse. Using a magnetic sheet or gluing small magnets to the bottom of the case. I already glue washers and metal discs to the bottoms of my minis to add weight and to eventually try them with magnetic storage. I’ll document the storage solution once I get started on it. Hopefully it all goes well!


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