Blitz Bowl: Halfling Round Up

Last month’s Orctober project allowed me to wrap up some various odds and ends in my orc Blood Bowl model collection that needed to be completed. Inspired by that, I used November, the month of giving thanks and enjoying a feast, to do something similar for my Halfling models. Let’s see what was accomplished…

I’ve had a six model Blitz Bowl team done for a long while, but with the release of the Ultimate Edition, the ‘flings now have a seventh player…the Treeman. I didn’t have this model, but my complete Blitz Bowl team was now incomplete, so I picked one up. I went back and forth between the official GW model and one from Willy. I generally haven’t been a fan of the GW Treeman, but I realized it’s because I struggled to get a good read on the model. I don’t mind a model having its face covered, heck, I often add closed helmets because I loathe painting faces. That said, the vines and briars in front of the Treeman model’s face may serve as a facemask, but it just makes the model look overly complicated to me.

So, I opted to not include the face mask, and I appreciate the model much more. To tie the model closer to the Halfling’s “slap-dashed armour” look I included two banged up shields from the BB Ogre Team sprue. This also gave me a few more features to color with the team’s dark and light blue colors to help the Treeman better match his mates.

I’m pleased with the final result and look forward to playing this squad in BzB now where throw team-mate is back on the menu!

Last month I painted up my Forge World Goblin Referee. That model came in a blister with this little, well…large, bugger. This Halfling ref is a bit taller and bulkier than other BB Halfling models, but being a ref he’s gonna need to be able to withstand punishment from both players and fans. The model also had a shield/crest on its right sleeve where I snipped a white ball from the Union Elf transfer to make a sports logo of sorts matching the red/white/blue colors of the current edition of the game.

The Halfling referee rounds out all of my ref models. I view the Halfling and Goblin as a bit more ‘junior’ so not in zebra stripes yet but more simple black and white athletic ref gear. Maybe they’re the BzB refs while the other two are BB proper? Likely, these four will all be used in BzB with the Halfling and Goblin refs officiating the bottom tables and the Dark Elf and Dwarf overseeing the top.

The plastic BB Treeman kit comes with a squirrel (seen in the BzB team card image posted upthread) and GW decided to make this pint-sized player an actual Star Player in BB20, Akhorne. Now, I don’t see myself playing with this Star Player, but I figure I may as well paint him up to wrap up all my Halfling related models. I oped to put the squirrel on a ball to give it the necessary height off the base, so it can be placed stunned or face up and not roll around. The elevation also makes it a little easier to pick up and move around.

That’s it for this month. Three models isn’t a lot but between last month and this I’ve decided that I’m going to continue to tie up dangling threads before starting a new team. I’ve got several wizards, coaches, and star players to address in the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Halfling Round Up

  1. Nice job! I picked up that Treeman on a sale but haven’t put it together yet. Totally forgot you get a free Akhorne with it! Smart idea putting Akhorne on the ball too!


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