The Shade-Crazed Gargant

Collector’s of White Dwarf were treated to a Warhammer: Underworlds variant in the magazine’s December 2018 issue. The Glass-Mad Gargant article introduced a fun multi-player scenario where the players battle not only against one another, but against a crazed denizen of the Mirrored City. I generally try to always ‘play it painted’, so haven’t run the scenario until I could get myself a Gargant. Well, now I have a giant…

The Aleguzzer Gargant kit for Warhammer Age of Sigmar comes with quite a few accessories. Heads, feet, hands, weapons, livestock, prisoners, etc. There are a multitude of ways to kit out the Gargant. Knowing I was only using this model for Underworlds, I wanted to go with options that would give him a look as if he’s been a long time resident of the Shadespire. It didn’t make sense for him to have a cow tied to his waste or what not. Well, not for my goal. I also subscribe to less is more, so hopefully, having fewer to-dads on him…the ones he does have stand out and give him personality.

Is that Shadelgass hanging from his ear? What sort of Kataphrane Medallion has he been burdened with and why? Is he a prisoner? A slave? Swinging a bit of city ruins on a chain helps to deliver a disparate, scavenger look.

I went with purple hued, pale skin and cold hues to give the impression he’s just crawled up from within the depths of the cold, shattered city. of course pupil-less eyes because….Glass Mad.

I know Underworlds is meant to be a competitive game, but I’ve really enjoyed it as a casual title and hope that GW continues to create these fun, narrative type scenarios from time to time. If not, they’ve already given me some ideas, so that December issue was money well spent.

Now I need to get him in a game where he’ll hopefully earn a name.


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