More Fun Things in the Mail!

Three posts in one week? This can not possibly be right… There must be some sort of disturbance in the space-time continuum… or something. Whatever the case may be, this is indeed my third post in one week. The reason? I got more goodies in the mail! Everything I received today is Blood Bowl related… and everything I receive for a while will likely be Blood Bowl related. As I said in Tuesday’s post, I am supporting the new Games Workshop release with my wallet, and as a result, I have decided that pretty much all of my gaming related purchases this year will be Blood Bowl related. I just spent way too much money last year on games and I need to keep to a tighter budget this year.

Today’s arrival was actually two different packages from two different locations. The first package came from Forgeworld.


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A Little of This, a Little of That…

So, back in September I posted about my first tournament win and painting my first NAF tournament champion trophy. I painted the trophy in official NAF colors and said that if I ever won another that I would probably paint the trophy in the team colors of whatever team I won with. Well…


I have officially lived up to my word.

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Something Neat Arrived in the Mail Today

Months ago I pledged on the Goblin Guild Green Rats Underworld team on Indiegogo. I did not have too much interest in Underworld teams in general, but this team was sculpted by Pedro Ramos and all the minis looked really great, so I jumped on board. As far as indie teams for Blood Bowl go, this team was a pretty decent price and Pedro is my favorite indie sculptor. Today, after months of waiting, a package from Spain finally showed up at my house. I have no idea when I’ll manage to get around to painting this minis, but they sure do look great.

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