Legos are awesome!

Quick post today… just wanted to share a nifty tip I picked up on Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum. Use Lego windows in your terrain projects. You can buy individual pieces from the Lego website for dirt cheap and have them shipped right to your house. I think I paid $.20 a piece for the window that I ordered. They also have a couple of different window options, and one of the two different types I ordered actually open. Not critical by any means, but it could add a fun little dimension. Check it out…


Just cut/file/dremel the pieces off of the tops of the window frames and they slide right into the foamcore. You could also skip the window frames if you wanted, but personally,  I like the way that they look.

Here they are placed in a new piece of terrain that I am currently working on.



Very good looking windows, cheap and easy.

I do not plan on using them in every building I make as I do not like all my buildings to look too uniform, but I will definitely use them here and there.

Statue of the Damned

Well, I got sidetracked for a while but my giant statue project is finally finished. This piece, like all terrain presented some unique and interesting challenges. The single hardest part was removing all the glittery crap that originally came on the statue. Once I got that off, the piece came together fairly quickly, and I would have finished much sooner, but fatherhood takes up a big chunk of life.

Anyway, on to the good stuff!


From the front… As I have said before, this thing is BIG. The rounded base the statue stands on is the same height as a standard 28mm mini. The statue was painted to look like weathered stone and several cover pieces were built into the base of the statue so that minis could really use this piece, and it would not be relegated to a visual only piece.




And now for a few closeups!






Just for fun I set up all the pieces I currently have to see how everything looks. I don’t have nearly enough for a good game yet, but what it there has a good look to it so far I think…





And that is all I have for tonight. I hope the one or two people who see this enjoy my work.