Morg ‘n’ Thorg 2017!

Well… While there is a part of me that wishes there were even more new Blood Bowl releases than we have seen in the last few months, I do have to say that there have been releases than I actually expected to see. With the way Games Workshop has treated Blood Bowl on the past, I thought we would be lucky to get four news teams over the course of an entire year. Here we are just a few months in and we have four teams and three Star Players as well as a number of extras like team dice.

Speaking of Star Players… I got another box in the mail today! Woohoo!


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Another New Blood Bowl Release, Another New Post!

Two Friday’s ago, Games Workshop announced the pre-sale of the second Star Player in the Blood Bowl range. I ordered it immediately, because of course I did! After barely a week and a half of waiting, I came home from work yesterday to find yet another package from the UK in my mailbox. Woohoo!


More goodies from Forge World!

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Did I Get Another Package in the Mail Today? Yes I Did!


In my last couple of posts I have gone over most of the latest Blood Bowl releases from Games Workshop. Today, we get a look at the last of those releases. The day before the Dwarf team, the Dwarf dice, and the Skaven and Dwarf team were released, Forge World released the first official Star Player for the new edition of Blood Bowl. The Mighty Zug! I saw all the pre-release images of the mini and I really liked what I saw. You might remember that I had previously ordered the Halfling and Goblin Referees pack from Forge World and it took more than a little while for me to actually receive the minis. I hoped that this order would be different, and luckily for me, it was!

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Have I Mentioned My Blood Bowl Addiction? Pt. 2

As I mentioned in my last post, I was one of the lucky few who was able to pre-order the new Skaven and Dwarf themed pitch before they almost immediately ended up sold out. Now, as promised, here is my unboxing/first impressions post about the new pitch and dugouts.

I knew that the pitch would be arriving sometime this week, but since I only opted for standard shipping, I was not sure what day. Well, when I got home from work today, a nice big box was sitting on the dining room table. I immediately grabbed the box and went down to my hobby room/office and broke out the camera. I actually used the nice camera today, so the pictures should be a bit better than last time.


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Have I Mentioned My Blood Bowl Addiction?

Hi, my name is Mike and I am an addict…

Blood Bowl has been my favorite game (with Mordheim following as a close second) since I started playing somewhere back around ’95 or ’96. The 3rd edition Orcland Raiders boxed set were the first Games Workshop minis I ever bought. I played them exclusively for several years before I started branching out and trying other teams. I ended up with a decent collection of minis at one point, but ended up selling off everything but that first Orc team a number of years ago due to lack of time. Then, Games Workshop stopped supporting the game and all of the minis went out of print. By the time I got back into the game, and gaming in general, the only way you could get the old Games Workshop minis was by paying insanely high prices on eBay. Over the last several years, I have spent a pretty ridiculous amount of money acquiring and in some cases, re-acquiring these minis that I always wanted, but did not have. As a result of how much money I have spent adding these old minis to my collection, I have decided to buy pretty much everything in the new release of the game. In the case of the teams, I am pretty much buying two copies of everything… which brings us to the point of today’s post. More Blood Bowl goodies!


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