“How’d You Get Up There?”

“Wasn’t easy!”

Game and miniature images by Boris Polonsky

Big Trouble in Little China is the greatest film ever made. That is an undeniable fact. As kids, my brother and I used to watch this movie ALL THE TIME. There was one summer where I swear we watched this movie at least once a day, every single day. I have seen this film more times than I can begin to count, and it is still my favorite movie to this day. With that in mind, I have NO IDEA how this flew under my radar, but there apparently is a board game being developed based upon the film. I just happened to stumble upon this article a couple of nights ago.

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Shadow War: Armageddon Basic Rules Leaked Online

OK, I do not usually post this sort of thing, but I am starting to get a little excited about this game… The basic rules section for the new Shadow War: Armageddon have apparently been leaked online via an Imgur account. Please see the images below and drool!

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Two-fer Tuesday! …But on a Friday!

Who has got two thumbs and got another package in the mail today? This guy! Two weeks ago today, Forge World put the new Griff Oberwald and the Skaven Rat Ogre on pre-order. I ordered them, because of course I did! I have a Blood Bowl addiction, remember? Well, it is now two weeks later and I have a box to open, so how about we get to it!

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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Zug!

I know it has been a while since I have actually shown a painted mini, and there is a good reason for that… I FRIKKIN HATE PAINTING MINIS. But seriously, this weekend some friends and I are taking a road trip up to Oklahoma for the annual Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup tournament weekend held by the ginger badgers of the Both Down Podcast. This will be my third time to participate in Orclahoma/Spiky, and I always have a good time. The reason that this is relevant to painted minis is that one of my good friends is taking a Human team and needed some extra muscle for the tournament. He decided to take Zug, but he did not have a painted Zug mini to field, so i offered to pick up the damn brushes and help him out. So this post is here to show you that I know how to do more than open boxes! When the occasion arises, I actually can manage to paint something.

I present to you, a PAINTED Zug!

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Zara the Slayer Conversion

I am not one for converting minis much. Mostly because I am not very good at it. I do not really have the eye to recognize what mini would look great as something completely different with additional parts. Plus, I REALLY suck at sculpting. However, every once in a while I see work that someone else does that makes me think, “hey, I could do that!” That was the case a week or so ago when I saw a great and simple conversion that someone posted on the Facebook Blood Bowl Community page.

It is worth pointing out that Andy Hoare has said that Zara will not get a reprint in the new Blood Bowl rules because she really does not fit in with the fluff of the game. The only reason she was ever included in the first place was that Jervis Johnson who created the game was reportedly a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Zara is basically a Blood Bowl version of Buffy. Why would I go through the effort of converting a mini for a Star Player that will not be included in the new rules? The simple answer is that the NAF has said that Zara will continue to be allowed at NAF approved tournaments.

Now, on to the conversion! I started with a 40K Dark Eldar Succubus mini.

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The New Blood Bowl Ogre Is Here!

Well, the new Games Workshop rookie Blood Bowl Ogre came out today, so I went to my friendly local games store and picked one up. I spent a little time assembling the mini and now with the Korn, The Paradigm Shift album wailing away in the background, I will show you a closer look at the mini.


The front of the box

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