All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Zug!

I know it has been a while since I have actually shown a painted mini, and there is a good reason for that… I FRIKKIN HATE PAINTING MINIS. But seriously, this weekend some friends and I are taking a road trip up to Oklahoma for the annual Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup tournament weekend held by the ginger badgers of the Both Down Podcast. This will be my third time to participate in Orclahoma/Spiky, and I always have a good time. The reason that this is relevant to painted minis is that one of my good friends is taking a Human team and needed some extra muscle for the tournament. He decided to take Zug, but he did not have a painted Zug mini to field, so i offered to pick up the damn brushes and help him out. So this post is here to show you that I know how to do more than open boxes! When the occasion arises, I actually can manage to paint something.

I present to you, a PAINTED Zug!

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Did I Get Another Package in the Mail Today? Yes I Did!


In my last couple of posts I have gone over most of the latest Blood Bowl releases from Games Workshop. Today, we get a look at the last of those releases. The day before the Dwarf team, the Dwarf dice, and the Skaven and Dwarf team were released, Forge World released the first official Star Player for the new edition of Blood Bowl. The Mighty Zug! I saw all the pre-release images of the mini and I really liked what I saw. You might remember that I had previously ordered the Halfling and Goblin Referees pack from Forge World and it took more than a little while for me to actually receive the minis. I hoped that this order would be different, and luckily for me, it was!

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