Iron Golems Pro Box Unboxing

Just over a year ago, and having at the time recently received a mostly fantastic team of Dwarf minis from them, I was excited to see a new campaign being advertised from Iron Golems Miniatures. The campaign was for a very nicely packaged “Fantasy Football” (read Blood Bowl) set complete with two teams, score boards and counters, a nice six-fold, double-sided board, and integrated carrying case for all the components. It was a bit pricey, but it was also a pretty slick package, and at the time Games Workshop had not yet announced their new Blood Bowl release, so I took the plunge. Now, a full seven months after the originally projected delivery date (which is not super common for crowd funding campaigns) a nice, big box from Spain has arrived at my door. I guess that means it is time for another unboxing post!

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And Behold A Pale Roller: And His Name That Sat On It Was Death

A few months ago, Games Workshop showed of the 3D modeling images of the new Deathroller mini. I have to admit, I really was not very impressed. Then not too long ago, they started showing off the finished mini painted by Jonathan Taylor-York. Again I have to admit, I really was not very impressed. Jonathan’s paint work was fantastic as is all of his work, but when I looked at the new Deathroller, all I could think of was the Christopher Nolan “Tumbler” Batmobile. It just looked like way too modern of a machine to be on the Blood Bowl pitch. With all of that in mind, I had actually decided to not buy the new Deathroller, but then the Deathroller went on pre-order and I have no self control… so here we are with another box from Forge World sitting on my desk.

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Two-fer Tuesday! …But on a Friday!

Who has got two thumbs and got another package in the mail today? This guy! Two weeks ago today, Forge World put the new Griff Oberwald and the Skaven Rat Ogre on pre-order. I ordered them, because of course I did! I have a Blood Bowl addiction, remember? Well, it is now two weeks later and I have a box to open, so how about we get to it!

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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Zug!

I know it has been a while since I have actually shown a painted mini, and there is a good reason for that… I FRIKKIN HATE PAINTING MINIS. But seriously, this weekend some friends and I are taking a road trip up to Oklahoma for the annual Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup tournament weekend held by the ginger badgers of the Both Down Podcast. This will be my third time to participate in Orclahoma/Spiky, and I always have a good time. The reason that this is relevant to painted minis is that one of my good friends is taking a Human team and needed some extra muscle for the tournament. He decided to take Zug, but he did not have a painted Zug mini to field, so i offered to pick up the damn brushes and help him out. So this post is here to show you that I know how to do more than open boxes! When the occasion arises, I actually can manage to paint something.

I present to you, a PAINTED Zug!

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