Warhammer Live Recap: June White Dwarf Preview

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 9.32.24 AM

This week’s Inside the Studio featured White Dwarf staff writer Dan Harden previewing with Ceri the June edition of White Dwarf which is out tomorrow (or for you folks with subscriptions, you might even have it today!). Let’s take a peek at what’s under the cover then.

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Kickstarter Round Up: The month of May assaults my wallet, leaves no prisoners!


Being stuck overseas and in austere environments means I am not able to accomplish much hobby work.  Thankfully though, the internet enables me to stay connected to all the nice new minis in the works and the generous tax break of being in a combat zone means I’ve got plenty of greenbacks piling up.  What better outlet to unclutter my wallet than a stroll through the Fantasy Football market on Kickstarter.  Two projects have jumped out and waylaid my savings, promising me piles of models to rummage through when I finally come home. Continue reading