Warhammer Live Recap: June White Dwarf Preview

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This week’s Inside the Studio featured White Dwarf staff writer Dan Harden previewing with Ceri the June edition of White Dwarf which is out tomorrow (or for you folks with subscriptions, you might even have it today!). Let’s take a peek at what’s under the cover then.

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Warhammer Live Recap 5.31.2018

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I’d like to introduce a new feature on Wyrd Stones & Tackle Zones, the Warhammer Live Recap! I know not everyone has time to tune in to the free Warhammer Live streams or Twitch accounts to go back and watch after it airs, so I thought you all might enjoy a little recap of the interviews. I’ll be focusing on the streams where the focus is on Specialist Games or from the Middle-Earth team as those are what I’m particularly interested in. As I don’t play AoS or 40k I’m afraid my knowledge is rather limited to what’s going on so I’m not sure my recaps would be as beneficial.

To the recap!

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